VR has become one of the most famous acronym of tech community in the recent years. While most people think it is still among the luxurious product that are inaccessible to many the optimistic companies are working towards making them mainstream devices in the coming 2k19. With increase in number of people who desire for the virtual reality in their gaming consoles and everyday media consumption here are the updates of what they can expect from the highly valued market that weighs it as one of the most trending topic on the internet.

To value the computer-generated environment that completely makes a dream come true experience, nothing is better than a bigger and better audience. Affordability not at the expense of quality is what the consumer expects and we are sure this will happen with the next generation of VRs especially after seeing the great improvements in every other developed budget technology.

We have high quality VRs like Oculus, HTC vives, the Google VR, Samsung gear and many more who have justifiable prices because f the quality, hardware, sound qualities and all the other possible factors that make these VRs a treat to eyes and ears but they are for sure high-end, top notch expensive devices who are yet to be called a necessity. These cost around or above 500$ and still cover a considerable amount of market which is 70% of the tech community. Now to be more consumer friendly the task is to make better VRs at a cheaper price.


The well-known google cardboard is available for 15$ in the market which is the most attractive thing about it. It is a not at all premium device which still works great for the price. Though it doesn’t include great functionality like the Oculus and other expensive VRs it undoubtedly gets the job done. It has restricted features and a small list of apps that it is optimized for but then it has provoked a sense of believe among customers that VRs can be cheaper too. VRs are not just used for high quality media consumption but are used in education and other foreign experiences too. The consultancies that wish to give a live experiences and money such fields have brought VRs in demand and it has become a compulsion with gaming cafes and personal consoles, considering that the demand and market value has already been potentially active we are looking forward to the next generation of VRs having great budget devices costing around 100$ that can revolutionize the way that we see at them as products.

With this anticipation we look forward towards VRs that provide much better features and wider optimization in the coming year of next gen Virtual reality devices.

2K19 AND VRs

Now the most anticipated VR of the entire 2k19 would be the Oculus ‘santa cruz’. This is estimated to be priced at 200$ with another 64 gb variant at 250$. This is a really good price bracket for a VR that is not just high quality but premium with the build too. It has a design that resembles to the successor of oculus instead of a budget variant which will still have higher specs. What is interesting to see, what impact will this have on other companies making VRs? Trying to fit in most of the things from oculus rift which was priced at 500$ it surely will have to compromise at certain places that we hope are not significant and keep the experience high quality. The most questioned part of these VRs is going to be their sound quality of how good is the surround sound tech in them and the build quality because we really don’t want cardboards but real build VRs, it can be soft touch plastic, rubberized materials or aluminum at places but no cardboard. That being said we have information regarding google and HTC making their moves and it is evident from the previous devices that both of these companies don’t want to lose their VR values too followed by Samsungs Odyssey+ which is a very high end product that should be unveiled in the first half of 2k19. With these companies working towards making VRs a mainstream device it will be interesting to see how many people actually reach out and hit the markets to give us the stats.

Let us know what company you think will make the best of the VRs in 2k19!


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