Samsung Updates the Note 9 Pen Using a new 15-inch Alternative

In Addition to Much More USB-C Interfaces and a Better S Pen

CES might not be for a couple of weeks, but Samsung is currently receiving the ball rolling on new goods, beginning with an upgraded version of this Notebook 9 Pen notebook — that currently comes in a brand new, 15-inch dimensions, along with the aged 13-inch form element. Just the Notebook 9 model offered the dimensions, but it is coming into the version that was convertible, also.

Among the new features on the Notebook is an S Pen. The identical as its own smartphone cousin, the observe 9, the brand new S Pen for its pocket book 9 Pen currently presents improved latency (Samsung says its up to 2 instances rapid). Samsung additionally presents a couple of purchaser replaceable advice for the S Pen, enabling you to customize drawing patterns. (there may be also a bright yellow paint job to the S Pen, to coincide with the Ikea blue pocket book, a colour blend Samsung introduced utilising its flagship cellular prior this season.)

There are some new tweaks, nonetheless: Samsung is assuring the newest 8th Gen Intel chips, gigabit Wi-Fi, and also the interface determination used to be overhauled to provide two Thunderbolt 3 interfaces and one activities USB-C plug, together with a headset / mic jack and a microSD slot.

With the advancements in phones and tablet technology we can assume of the new S pen to have innumerable features which can include new pop-ups on detection over screen or else a microphone that can activate voice search from a much longer distance. However Samsung assures the responsivity of screen to the pen to be twice as fast as it is today which is not at all bad. Meaning that the pen might finally feel as smooth as being used by ones own finger. We have already seen people tweeting the pen as the 6th finger which has again created a sense of attention among people.

Without getting some time together with the Notebook it is difficult to tell whether Samsung has mended the problems with the Notebook 9 Pen — also the battery life and the most plastic-y feel. Samsung is assuring a vague”2019″ release window, but hopefully we will find more info — such as things like real specs and a cost — come CES in January.


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