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Every year is nothing short of a flood of amazing smartphones with a lot of innovations and improvements, this year was no different. But there are always two smartphones that are arguably the most anticipated flagships of the year. The iPhone and the new Google phone.

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Every year is nothing short of a flood of amazing smartphones with a lot of innovations and improvements, this year was no different. But there are always two smartphones that are arguably the most anticipated flagships of the year. The iPhone and the new Google phone.

Now, we all know that every other smartphone is an Android device and most flagships are rocking on the latest processors, the highest of RAMs and top-notch specs but the pixel flagship by Google is hyped to be by far the cleanest android experience and it is obvious as it will always be first in line for Android updates and features. On the other hand, the fact that Google makes it isn’t the only reason why we call pixel the vanilla android. It is the amazing spec sheet, the camera and the UI that comes with it. So without any delay let us review the pixel from 2018, 3 XL.

The flagship comes with a smaller variant without any significant loss of specs so whatever is uttered in the review applies t0 the pixel 3 too unless said otherwise.


The design of pixel is inherited from its predecessor, it is a two-tone material that is all glass and soft touch. That being said the two-tone actually comes by fostering the darker glass which makes it look absolutely clean and stunning. With almost no disturbance when you trace your fingers around the back you will realize that the corners are very well rounded and make the slippery device a little support to handle without any cases on. Moving on, it is surely not the most durable device of the year as it can easily be scratched and by scratches, we don’t only mean that it is a fingerprint magnet but the soft material can be damaged if under extraordinary conditions. The device is considerably big to carry in the hand but nothing too wide or uneasy to handle like most of us would call note 9 to be and that is why releasing a smaller version right along was a good strategy and will satisfy most compact device lovers. The fingerprint sensor at the back is placed exactly where it should have and is as responsive as ever. Buttons on the side are tactile and the glass all around welcomes wireless charging. Let us take a moment to appreciate the efforts in this wireless charger. The pixel wireless charger is elegant and feels really premium. It is a stand that is very easy for the device to go on and off without any disturbance or pulling. It is now IP 68 certified so that adds to the few areas where durability can be guaranteed and this brings us to the next segment of the review.


If you paid attention to the pixel news or watched the keynote you are probably aware of the fact that Samsung is handling displays on pixel this year and we all know how good Samsung is with the displays. So the XL has a 6.3 inches flexible OLED display while the pixel 3 has 5.5 inches of the same quality. Both the panels are stunning and are easily among the top 5 displays of the year. We surely have seen better displays on the note or mate 20 pro but this is definitely just as good. The UI takes full advantage of both the sizes and there is nothing that really bothers except one thing, the notch. Now, this isn’t the first or last flagship with a notch on it. Although we hope that technology will soon solve the need of a notch on the device but then the notch on the pixel is a little too observable here is why. The notch when compared to other devices if of the same volume but it is taller and narrower than most would expect it to be. The notch has one grill of stereo speakers while the other rest in the chin and now it has 2 front facing cameras which we will come to at the moment. The notch will be habituated once you use it for a while but then it can be solved by going to developers settings and hiding it otherwise it isn’t anything that is unbearable. The speakers are definitely loud. It has a good base and by stats as good as any other device.


There is always something new that Google try doing with the pixel that helps it stand an edge above other android devices and this year was no different. Actually, these intelligent features that make pixel the smartest smartphone period are the reason why the keynote pulled so much attention on social media. The google lens, the now playing feature and obviously the assistant itself were the highlights that you will probably miss in any other device especially with the ease with which Google handles it. The live search option with google lens enables you to search whatever you shoot the camera at and that will be enough. The new now playing actually tells you about the song that is playing in the background without even asking and it shows up in the notifications panel, good stuff there google! That brings us to the assistant which is now more of what you call a companion. So now when you get a call on pixel you can either accept, reject or revert it to the assistant that will handle the call for you but after informing that it is handling the call instead of you to provide the transparency. A really entertaining display of this feature was witnessed by many at the keynote and it was just a look at how good technology has got with time.


It won’t be much to say that Google can almost never go wrong with its software. They know what they are doing with the software pretty much every time clearly the fact that they own android makes a significant contribution. The spec improvement in the pixel flagship is beastly. Being the only device to have android 9 or as most would refer to it as pie. The new features that we have mentioned, work the best with pixel and pixel only. The rest of the devices surely have their own methodology to customize and follow these features but then no other flagship can do it the way pixel does. Coming with the latest Snapdragon 845, an octa-core processor that bags Adreno 630 GPU with 4GB RAM this is a glittering device on paper. The new graphics and gestures included are not very pleasing but it is what it is. They have done a lot with the new design that is seen at little corners of the interface. Like the menu tray that is pulled out or the swapping through apps, the multitasking design everything is enhanced in some of the other ways but it will be liked more often than not.


Undoubtedly the pixel camera is the most talked about thing about the flagship. It is hands down the best camera on any smartphone for the year. It has a single lens on the back while most of its competitors have dual or even triple cameras with different apertures or focal lengths but pixel 3 decided to go with a single lens. Now it is proven that image processing and software is the main killer and not the number of the lens that one puts on it. It is a fast shutter that takes amazing pictures even in low light. The dynamic range, contrast ratio, color science everything is just so accurate. The improvement from last year pixel 2 is the color science and OIS. This time the colors are much better and warmer and the best part is they are never overdone like the saturated image processing by Samsung. The video quality of the camera wouldn’t be as good as the pictures but then the OIS saves the day. If in good hands it would appear as if the video was shot on a tripod. To conclude we would say that this is the best camera in 2018.

An amazing year of gadgets is in its last weeks and we will release a smartphone ranking as per the response given by you guys.  Until then if you read it this far I guess we are hinting the best smartphone already.


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