VR has become one of the most famous acronym of tech community in the recent years. While most people think it is still among the luxurious product that are inaccessible to many the optimistic companies are working towards making them mainstream devices in the coming 2k19. With increase in number of people who desire forRead More

Popcorn Time

Watching movies on systems have become the best part of media consumption for people of all ages and interests. People tend to skip theatres and watch movies at home or watch the movies hey like again and again but it has been a bothering and disheartening task for many to send time downloading or searchingRead More

Spotify ++

There’s not any doubt that Spotify is among the very best music. Utilizing Spotify you can listen to whatever song they desire. It is simple to download Spotify for both PC and Mac. Not being able to use Spotify is what holds back the customers from using the beautiful music platform. In fact Spotify isRead More

Busy Box

Busy box is another app with premium requirement that is desired by many so that they can use Linux Kernel on their android devices. While most ofen than not root is necessary but when suggest you to root your device we are making sure that it is worth the process. With a lot of addedRead More